04/11/2012 - Rampai Village Hall

An experience like this was an absolute first for the Rampai villagers. As the GOTG cook prepared the meal for a 1000, the aroma filled the atmosphere and people came streaming down the mountain to the community hall where the distribution would take place.

The people are very traditional in their attire and way of live. The men and boys, in true Sotho culture, adorn themselves in blankets. The number of cows and horses one has determines their wealth. People plant, eat and sell the produce from their gardens. However poverty is still rife and this is seen in the children who walk around without nappies as their parents can't afford them. When the children eat an adult sized meal and adults ask for a second helping and then and only then are they fully satisfied.

The GOTG team prepared a meal of mince and rice for 1000 people and also distributed:
  • Juice
  • 500  Bottles of Shampoo
  • 400 Sweet Packs
  • 4 Bags of Mealie Seeds
  • 1 Box of Candles
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