Tree Planting Initiative

Malawi has faced, both last year and this year, a very unique situation of flooding in many parts of the country. And, in some areas, inadequate rainfall has been the order of the day resulting in drought conditions.

A good number of indigenous fellow Malawians are engaged in the charcoal trade by felling trees rampantly, in which case 1 ton of coal is realized from 7 tons of trees that are destroyed. In many areas, we see deforestation at alarming rates. We embarked to plant, utilizing a limited budget, all in all, 1,200 trees of different species. Trees planted were:  Albizia Lebbeck, Bluegum, Acacia Polycantha, Mango and Guava whose total value came R5 820.00

As this exercise was carried out in partnership with the Blantyre City Council, the trees were planted within a number of urban and peri-urban Primary School grounds, with due participation of each institution's school-going children in order to bring about an awareness for preserving our environment that would not have adverse effects on our climate in years to come.

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