Syrian Refugees in Europe

The heartbreaking picture of the Syrian child on the beach has whipped up emotions worldwide.  Thank you to all for your compassionate response.  The reality is that this tragedy has been unfolding since March 2011 and ever increasing in intensity to the present.  The greatest tragedy however, is INSIDE Syria, not only because of the millions of internally displaced civilians but because of the horrific crimes committed against them in various forms.  These include detention, torture, cutting off the supply of food, water, medical services, medicines, the deliberate bombing of hospitals and the specific targeting of medical personnel.  The use of barrel bombs, vacuum bombs, chemical weapons, missiles and attack by aircraft on predominantly civilian populations has resulted in a death toll reaching 300 000 and casualties of immeasurable proportions.

Gift of the Givers response from 2013 has been concentrated almost exclusively inside Syria.  To this date the policy still remains the same.  The three floor Ar Rahma Hospital that we have established and manage with a compliment of 180 medical specialists and support staff is a living witness to the humanitarian crimes inside Syria.  This South African Gift of the Givers hospital has been subjected to repeated attacks by the Assad regime, fortunately, till now, it has avoided major damage.  On two occasions we had to evacuate equipment, medical personnel and patients.  Two months ago we received 1700 casualties in 10 days.  We have seen injuries through all kinds of weapons mentioned above including chemical weapons.  We include some pictures which we regard as "mild" compared to what we have in our possession.  We could not impose the horror of those pictures on the general public.

Life saving medical support, provision of food, shelter, food, milk powder, shelter, clothing, blankets, generalized feeding through a permanent kitchen and education through our involvement in schooling are our continuous efforts inside Syria.  You are most welcome to support these initiatives as many of you have done on numerous occasions and for those who have enquired now.  Contributions can be made into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525.  Please email or fax deposit slip with full contact details for acknowledgement purposes.  We value your contributions as it is only through your generous contributions that our medical teams have had the resources and medical supplies to save countless lives and physically heal close to 300 000 patients thus far.

Our special thanks to Angela Merkel and the people of Germany for their enthusiastic and compassionate welcome of traumatized refugees.  Thanks to all other individuals and governments whose assistance may not be publicly known.  The Almighty sees and rewards.  Our South African efforts continue.

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