Handover of Wheelchair to Josina Mhlanga

The picture of a lady crawling on her knees with her two children walking beside her was seen by hundreds of people in The Star on 8 Feb 2013. It touched the hearts of many to read that Josina had to crawl her way toward help. She lost the use of her legs due to a sickness she had suffered.

One of South Africa readers, who was also aware of the work GOTG was doing in Mozambique, saw the pic and was moved to donate R10 000.00 toward the purchase of Josina Mhlanga's wheelchair and to reduce her suffering.

Josina and her family were delighted when the GOTG team delivered a wheelchair and food to her and her family.
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Humanitarian Aid Departs for Mozambique

Loading for Mozambique flood victims commences at our Bramley warehouse at 2pm today.  The SANDF will arrive with five 30 ton trucks for the purpose.  They will be accompanied by generals and other personnel.  Gift of the Givers vehicles will also be involved in the transportation of the emergency supplies.  A convoy of about 20 vehicles will depart from the military airforce base at 4am tomorrow.
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100 Tons of Relief Aid for Mozambique Flood Victims

Mozambique is in severe distress affected by devastating floods yet again.  The Mozambican government does not have the resources to cope given the magnitude of the disaster and will require emergency international assistance to respond appropriately to its 80 000 displaced civilians. It is expected that this number will increase substantially.  In some areas whole villages have been submerged.
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